пятница, 1 апреля 2011 г.


God, you know - she's so beautiful! i know, that you know too! you made her! i know that it's wrong talk to you about it. but what can i do? i'm absolutely powerless now. i just wanted to say you "thanks!" for what she is somewhere in this planet. i'm really grateful for you. because i have calm, when i know that she is alright.

God, i'm fool! but i know, that you never are doing nothing wrong. you're always right! if you let to happened it, mean so it must be.

i hope that you not kidding with me again. i don't like such jokes. you're very serious man and i think to kidding so with me - it's no good.
but if you kidding again... well, it mean should be so.

we're just a chess in your game. you're playing with us. maybe you made us to your game. maybe it was one day when you felt yourself so boring, that you wanted a little fun and games. but you lost your game out of control and all chess-people escaped from you. and now you're collecting them by the all planet. maybe you want to play a new party, but people got too much now.

once day you do it. but it will not soon. and now i just saying you "thanks" again!

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